I have always enjoyed reading and writing fantasy. Working as an IT Consultant for a living means it can be nice to escape to another world, whether it’s during a lunch break surrounded by paperwork, or chugging through the countryside on a hot, crowded train into the office.

I’ve been making up magic and adventure stories since I was a child. I have, I think, always had a very creative imagination. But it was only a few years ago, while I was making my way to work in west London, that something new started developing. A story materialised in my mind, one made from all my favourite parts of the worlds and adventures I’d created throughout my life – the mystery, the secrets, the magic. Brand new characters followed almost instantly. I love a villain – they are usually the first characters I think of – but for some reason everyone appeared all at once for this story, and by the time I finished work that day I had a brand new tale ready to be told.

That tale became my debut novel, The Witches of the Wytewoods. In the years that followed, the wonderful magical world of Azorae, and a story more exciting than any that had come before it, came to life. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.